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The Brazilian Forum of Innovation and Technology Transfer Managers - FORTEC, created on May 1st 2006 - a Civil Association of private, nonprofit organization, is a representative body in charge of universities and research institutes for the management of innovation policies and activities related to intellectual property and technology transfer, including, OTT, Technology Innovation Nucleous, Agencies for Innovation and alike organizations.

This initiative resulted from the integrated efforts of the knowledge-producing institutions across the country, which for some time sought to establish a legitimate and representative national body of its interests and also allow the training of professionals and best practices exchanges within this specific areas in a permanent and organized way.

In accordance with its Legal Organization Statute and in order to fulfill its goals, the FORTEC`s objectives are:

  • To disseminate the culture of innovation, intellectual property and technology transfer;
  • Promote and disseminate the role of universities and research institutions in cooperation activities with the public and private sectors;
  • Assist in the creation and institutionalization of management levels of Innovation (IGI);
  • Encourage the professional training of those working in the IGI;
  • Establish, promote and disseminate best practices in the IGI;
  • Supporting the IGI, in its efforts by the Government and other civil society organizations;
  • Map and publicize the activities and indicators of IGI;
  • Support events of interest to its members;
  • Promote joint and exchange among its members;
  • Promote cooperation with institutions in the country and abroad;
  • Contribute to the proposition of policies related to technological innovation

From the standpoint of their organizational structure, FORTEC consists of a National Coordination, the five Regional Coordinations and Thematic Commissions.

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To Become a Member of FORTEC

Send those documents to and to the following address:

A/C Prof. Rubén Dario Sinisterra
Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais
Av. Antônio Carlos 6627, Departamento de Química, sala 208
Pampulha, Belo Horizonte, MG, Brasil, CEP 31270-901
Tel: 55-31-3409-5778

Avenida Presidente Antônio Carlos 6627, Unidade Administrativa II 4º Andar - Campus UFMG, Belo Horizonte -MG, Brasil, CEP 30.161-970.